Dir - the first generation

It soon became apparant that a more sophisticated system would be useful, operating in real time off of data stored in a real database. Researching available content management systems (CMS's) revealed that at the time only a handful were available, and these were very expensive, on the order of $100,000+.

Being a programmer, the obvious solution was to write my own so I next researched dynamic scripting options for web pages. Aside from the obvious choice of Perl, the other clear option at the time was ColdFusion (CF). PHP was already in existence but still in its infancy and rather primitive compared to CF. Having a distaste for the obscurity of Perl I took a chance and ordered a copy of CF 2.5.

Written in ColdFusion 3.0, the first generation "Dir" supported a static two level directory structure and generated the content pane of our business directory web page dynamically from an Access database and also incorporated a basic search function.

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